RES Hyperdrive 2.1.0 ( First Impression )


Let me share my first experience with you about the RES Hyperdrive 2.1.0 Virtual appliance.

I decided to download the latest version of RES Hyperdrive and thought I’ll give it a spin on my Virtual environment, so I downloaded the RES Hyperdrive v2.1.0 for Citrix Xenserver. Imported the .xva into my Xenserver.

The full installation experience can be found here

First impression :

Looks great, this is a on premises solution for businesses that would like to keep track on there data on Mobile devices and still hold the intellectual owner of the files. This in contradiction to Dropbox where Dropbox will be the intellectual owner of all the files that are dropped inside dropbox
Read the privacy statement of dropbox carefully here

This is a product with good potential of success.

Updated: November 23, 2013 — 00:18