[PS]Bug: WMF5 RTM $env:PSModulePath


Microsoft released there PowerShell WMF 5 RTM. (link)

I found a issue after the installation of the WMF5 RTM version.

Great version a lot was fixed in this version, but all so one vital part was corrupted.

especially if you have third party Modules installed like SQL/HP/SCVMM/……

Before installation :


Make notice of the ($env:psmodulepath).split(‘;’) command there are 5 lines in this variable

Installed the WMF5 RTM on a Windows Server 2012 R2 with the latest patches installed (18-12-2015). Using the following file


Source : https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=50395

After Installation and a reboot that is required.

After the reboot I was unable to load the SQL Modules anymore, so I did a check of the $env:PSModulePath and I found that the Path was reset to default.


I recreated the $env:PSModulePath as it was before and all was OK again.

I filled a UserVoice with Microsoft : Here

[edit]Due the the above uservoice the download of the WMF5 has been removed.
the reason you can read here : link

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  1. Well, Microsoft Finally fixed the issue and re-released the WMF 5 (Powershell)
    You can download it from here :


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