[PS] Get-MyUpTime

Uptime of Windows boxes An cmdlet that is still missing in WMF5 as a default command. So I decided to write a function for it. This script determines the version of the WSMAN : 2.0 Windows 7,2008,2008R2 3.0 Windows 8 and higher Because the WSMAN v2.0 is not CIM capable only WMI Get-help Get-MyUpTime -Full […]

PS : DynamicParam

How to use on DynamicParam in a function based upon input from a parameter Cmdlet Dynamic Parameters Cmdlets can define parameters that are available to the user under special conditions, such as when the argument of another parameter is a specific value. These parameters are added at runtime and are referred to as dynamic parameters […]

Windows 10 Technical Preview StartMenu and Search not working

Issue with windows 10 TechPreview Build 9926. After installing the lastest KB’s today, the startMenu and the Search were not working anymore. I fixed this by running the following command in Powershell(Admin) Start powershell as Administrator Paste the following command.   Reference : Microsoft Answers http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/insider/forum/insider_wintp-insider_desktop/windows-10-cannot-open-start-menu-action-center/b8b56dd6-1d0b-4920-b883-78f1e6ca28b8

Powershell Remoting

How to PowerShell remoting using invoke-command. Ok in my time for a customer I got a challenge presented. Join computers to the domain without the native Active directory commands, only allowed to use the Quest Active Roles commands. Well let me explain the scenario. Scenario: The computer OU is restricted for creation of computer accounts, […]


To make your script more understandable and provide a professional help of your script, you can add help to your script. Add the following lines to the top of your script or add these lines to a function for extra explanation of the function. Run your script once and then type the following command : […]